The Ministry of Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne
1994  The momentum from the Carpenter’s Home Church, Lakeland revival in 1993, created a huge demand for revival worldwide.  Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne began to travel extensively across the globe as God opened doors.  The revivals were very well attended with packed out Churches and auditoriums.  Many thousands received Christ as their Lord and Saviour and many thousands more made a fresh commitment to Christ.  The map below shows 28 cities on three continents where Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and the RMI team held revival meetings.  Most were week long revivals, Sunday through Friday am and pm.  Some were extended to two or three weeks of revivals.   
1994 Signs and Wonders Campmeeting  Louisville, Kentucky
1994 Testimony by Dr. R.T. Kendall   I met Howard-Browne before I ever heard him preach. It was at breakfast in Wembley, near London, in December 1994. I immediately asked him if he would pray for my wife, Louise, and he agreed to come to my vestry. Louise had never laid eyes on Rodney, never heard him preach, never been near one of his meetings. But she agreed to let him pray for her. Rodney and his wife, Adonica, laid hands on Louise, who had no opportunity for preconditioning or hype, and they prayed for about five minutes. Louise was instantly healed of a condition that neither her general practitioner nor the top specialists in London's prestigious Brompton Hospital could touch. Encouraged by this, she went to one of Rodney's meetings a month later in Florida. She returned to London a transformed woman. She had been in a serious depression for five years. Her assessment of Rodney's meetings was, "It's the nearest you get to heaven without dying."   Dr. R.T. Kendall is the former pastor of Westminster Chapel in London
Maui, Hawaii
Juneau & Ketchikan,  Alaska
Washington Revival - TL Lowery
Melody Land, California
Rockwall,  Texas
St. Louis, MO - Louisville, KY Chicago, Illinois
Lakeland, Tampa, Jacksonville, FL
England & Wales
Stockholm, Sweden
Malmö, Sweden
Moscow,  Russia
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