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Good News Soweto Crusade Salvation and Miracle Report... Good News Soweto was a life-changing event for thousands of people in Soweto, South Africa. There were 177,600 salvations and many, many people received miracles of healing and restoration from the Lord. Below is an account of some of the miracles that took place during Good News Soweto. Eric and Jennifer Gonyon, heading the organizing team, standing on the grounds where the crusade was held. Here are a few of the many testimonies of miracles of healing that God did throughout the crusade.  DAY 1 -  On the first night of the crusade, a child that was crippled and that could not walk, was able to walk again. A man who had been deaf was touched by the power of God and both of his ears popped open. DAY 2 -  On the second night of Good News Soweto, a lady who could not move her hands for four years and was able to move them for the first time. Another man had severe, crippling arthritis and after Pastor Rodney had prayed a mass prayer over the crowd for healing, he was able to freely move his hands. DAY 3 -  On the third night of the crusade, a lady came and testified that the previous night she had a big growth on her ankle, so much so she had a problem walking and the night before Pastor Rodney prayed a mass prayer for healing. She started moving around for 15 minutes and when she looked down, the growth was completely gone. Hallelujah! Another woman for four years had pain when she would breathe. That night this woman received her miracle and the pain completely left her body. Another woman was injured in a very bad car accident and she was confined to a wheelchair and after the prayer of healing was prayed, she got out of her wheelchair and began to dance around. Also, on the third night of the crusade a lady who couldn't even walk, and had extreme pain on the side of her body, so much so that she couldn't even move her joints, was now able to walk, jump and run! DAY 4 -  On the fourth night of the crusade, a lady who had to use a brace to walk properly, threw her brace away and was able to walk normal. DAY 5 -  On Tuesday night, people came out of wheelchairs and miraculous miracles took place. One police officer who had been shot in the spine three years ago and was in a wheelchair was able to leave his wheelchair. Another man who had been in a very bad car accident that paralyzed his right leg was able to walk for the first time in seven months!
A lady who had come to the crusade in the buses had been suffering with pain in her body for over a year. She couldn't eat or drink and after the mass prayer of healing was prayed she was able to walk for the first time in one year. For 3 months, another woman had excruciating pain in her legs and she was unable to walk. That night God gave her strength and she threw her walker away. Over 1 year ago a young lady who was tormented by devils, lost her joy and was always angry, when Pastor prayed for the baptism in the Holy Spirit, she received her joy back. A woman for several years, has had excruciating pain in her left shoulder, in the service the power of God touched her and for the first time in several years she has been able to praise the Lord with her left hand. 3 months ago another woman was in a car accident and her leg was crushed. God mended her leg and gave her the ability to walk for the first time in three months without canes. Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne interacting with one of the people God healed. Eight years ago a man was shot in the head and the bullet was still in lodged in his head. When a mass prayer of healing was prayed, all of the pain left for the first time in eight years. Five weeks ago a lady suffered a blood clot in her leg, she could not walk by herself and also had shortness of breath. After the mass healing prayer, God took the pain from her leg and she got her breath back. Two years ago a lady was in an accident, she broke her leg, and was in constant pain. God instantly took the pain away and she ran to the platform to tell her testimony. Another lady suffered from a disease for 20 years in her leg. It was so bad the doctor was going to amputate her leg. She could never stand for more than a few minutes and God totally healed her body and she was able to stand through the whole service. A lady suffered with leg pain for four years in her ankle. When a mass prayer for healing was prayed, the pain instantly left and she was healed. Day 6 -  A young man suffered with a foot disease for six months. A pastor came to his house from the crusade and prayed for him and for the first time in six months he is walking without any assistance. In 1972 a woman was in an automobile accident - she lost her hearing and after the mass prayer for healing, her ear popped open. Day 9 -  On the last two nights of the soul- winning crusade people were so excited, wheel chairs were coming across the crowd and so many people were healed. A lady for over 1 year had not been able to bend over or move her back at all and that night the Lord loosed her back and she was able to bend down and move.
A man ever since he was a little boy had excruciating pain in his stomach, and at the crusade he felt something happen and immediately for the first time in seven years the pain left him. Next up was a little baby who's limbs were totally straight and would not bend, the baby's neck wouldn't move and the feet had been twisted in like clubbed feet. After the mass prayer, the baby's limbs could move and the feet turned around and also the neck was able to move. Another man worked at a pharmacy and he had such a bad skin disease that all of his skin would flake off. He had been coming to most of the crusade and every day it was going away and by the time he came to testify it was completely gone. Attendees worshipping God during the service. Another lady had the doctors tell her she had a stroke and because of that her right eye would drop and run tears and she would have severe cramps. After the mass prayer for healing was prayed she felt something went through to the top of her head to the soles of her feet and her eye totally dried up. A man also suffered a stroke and because of the stroke he could not move his left hand since 2002 - now he can move it. Day 10 -  On the last night of the crusade over 115,000 people crammed the field. Here are some of the healing testimonies. A lady was diagnosed with HIV about a year ago and she hasn't walked around much. She said she felt a burning in her stomach and she stood right up. A lady had a really big lump in her mouth, so big she could hold it in her hand. She had gone to the doctor to get a biopsy, but after she came to the crusade it totally disappeared. A lady for nine years could only walk with a cane but she said she felt like screaming out and energy went through her body and now she can walk without a cane. Since 1994 a lady had been deaf in both ears from an accident—both of her ears popped open. A lady had cancer and they had to remove her right breast and because of that she could not move her arms at all and her arms were loosed. Since a little girl had been born, there was something wrong with her nose, she could never breathe at all threw her nose, only thru her mouth. For the first time she was able to breathe normally thru her nose. A lady was diagnosed HIV Positive and had constant pain in her back and chest and when she said something opened up in her. She said, "When you said 'chest pain go,' my chest pain went away, when you said, 'Back pain go away', my back pain went away."
115,000 people attended the last night of the crusade.  
Good News Soweto  Nov. 5 - 14, 2004
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