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Mamelodi is a township of about 1 million people just outside of the city of Pretoria, an hour north of Johannesburg, South Africa. This was our third mass crusade in our home country of S
outh Africa.  
In preparation for the crusade, we set-up our offices right on the crusade grounds. When our team first got there, the office buildings were quite a mess. Just as in Umlazi, we paid for lights to be installed on the bleachers and left them there, so we sowed into Mamelodi by repairing and refurbishing these buildings. We repaired the broken windows, installed security bars, fixed and painted the offices, so that the community will be able to use them after we leave.
We did a huge advertising campaign to cover the entire area; we were able to distribute 1.3 million handbills, put up 7,000 posters and posted 11 major billboards. We also ran a huge newspaper campaign in four major South African newspapers. The city was buzzing with excitement when we arrived.
We were met at the airport in Johannesburg by a group of people from the choir, with a big welcome banner. They were so excited about GNM and very appreciative that we were coming to their city. We were so moved. They sang and danced for us right in the arrivals hall, with all the other passengers and their friends and families looking on. It was a wonderful welcome. When we went to the field, we received an equally warm welcome, except this time from the whole choir, and also our precious volunteers. The 500-voice choir all bought their own T-shirts and also paid for their own transportation to all the rehearsals and the five nights of the crusade. This is quite a sacrifice for people who do not have their own vehicles and who do not have much money to spare!
In all of these townships, they tell us that you can never get more than 30 pastors at a time to show up for anything and we had nearly 300 pastors show up for our pastor's meeting. We had over 400 churches participate in the crusade with us and we also had over 500 people, from many different churches, participate in the Mamelodi Mass Choir.
We had four radio stations broadcast the crusade live every night. These stations reach over 1 million people in the area. Two were Christian stations and two were secular stations. The radio stations received stacks of SMS messages (text messages) of people with testimonies and prayer requests who responded from the live radio broadcast.
Good News Mamelodi • October 26-30, 2005 • Mamelodi Cricket Ground C4 113,000 Decisions for Christ!
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