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In 2001, Revival Ministries International, took possession of a Car Dealership that had gone out of business.  The building was only a few years old and had cost the dealership about $16 million to build.  God did a miracle and RMI purchased it for $8 million which became the new home for The River at Tampa Bay.  The sanctuary seats 1,800 and includes the service garage which has been converted into a Children's Church and nursery.  A Youth Center and Fellowship room. Plus room for the food bank which feeds about 500 families weekly. The property is 85 acres and actually has a river running through it.  It includes parking space for about 1,000 vehicles and is beautifully landscaped with palm trees and lighting.   The facility is home to Revival Ministries International, The River at Tampa Bay,  The River Bible Institute, River School of Worship,  and The Great Awakening Tour Crusades.  Annually, RMI holds Winter and Summer Campmeeting as well as Calling All Evangelists in the spring and The Ministers Conference in the fall.  Numerous other special events take place at this facility.  (For more information visit The River)
RIVER AT TAMPA BAY CHURCH Address: 3738 River International Dr.  |  Tampa, FL 33610
This image made by Florida weather appeared on the roof of the RMI building in 2009.  Someone called Dr. Rodney and told him about the image of Jesus on the roof of the Church as seen on Google Earth.  He immediately googled it and this is the image that was visible taken by Google satellite.    It is interesting that the roof is in the shape of a cross and the image appears at the top of the cross.  Maybe it’s God’s way of saying, this Church will carry the message of the cross to a lost and dying world.  To date, the Great Awakening Tour stats are 91 countries and 3473 cities winning the lost with total count of 3,678,255 souls!
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Sadly, the image is no longer visible, as the roof required extensive repairs.
Image of Jesus on the roof of RMI Headquarters
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